History of Trinity Church


Trinity Church was incorporated on March 5, 1836 by the General Assembly of the state of Ohio as First Presbyterian Church of Liverpool.  The roll of the first church was made up of 16 charter members.  Early church members were strongly imbued with the value of a religious faith that characterized their forefathers.


During the 155 year history of Trinity, the congregation has been housed in four different buildings.  The first building was a modest un-assuming frame structure, erected in 1848 on Third Street which at that time was only a buggy and horse path worn in the earth by travel.


First Church "1848" 3rd Street

The second church was built on Fourth Street in 1869 and the first service conducted in the new church on November 14, 1869

Second Church "1869" 4th Street


This church was outgrown, so the third church was built on the same site in 1888.  The church was dedicated on September 1, 1889 before a congregation of more than 1000

Third Church " 1889" Fourth Street


Due to continued growth, a decision was made to leave the downtown area and build further north on seven acres of ground.  Our New church "on the hill" was dedicated in 1961. Along with the new building came a name change to Trinity Church.  This the home of the Trinity congregation today.

Fourth Church "1961" Maine Boulevard

History of the Ministers of Trinity Church

Rev. Reuben Lewis, pastor at Wellsville, Ohio, 1/2 time, 1845-1849
Rev. Thomas P. Gordon, pastor at Wellsville, Ohio, 1/2 time, 1850 - 1853
Rev. John Moore, pastor at Yellow Creek, 1/2 time, 1854-1856
Rev. W. W. Laverty, pastor at Wellsville, Ohio, 1/2 time, 1857 - 1864
Rev. William Dickson, pastor at Long's Run, 1/2 time, 1865-1866
Rev. George W. Riggle was ordained and installed as the first regular, full time pastor 1867-1875
Rev. S. H. Mckowan, supply pastor, 1877
Rev. T. V. Milligan, D.D., 1877-1887
Rev. A. B. Marshall, D.D.L.L.D., 1887-1894
Rev. John Lloyd Lee, PhD., D.D., 1894-1900
Rev. Charles G. Jordan, D.D., 1900-1903
Rev. Edward M. McMillan, D.D., 1904-1912
Rev. Donald William MacLeod, D.D., 1912-1927
Rev. James H. Lawther, PhD., D.D., 1927-1938
Rev. M. Rudolph Miller, 1938-1942.
     In 1942 Rev. Miller was granted leave of absence to become a Chaplain in the
     United States Army in Europe.
Rev. Arthur E. French, Jr., pastor pro tem, 1942-1945
Rev. M. Rudolph Miller, 1945-1965.
     With the return of Rev. Miller came the church's golden years in our recent history.
     During his pastorate Rev. H. Gene Toot came almost at the same time as our
     "church on the hill" in 1961
Rev. Dr. H. Gene Toot, D.D., 1961-1994.
     During these years there were three Associate Ministers who served with Dr. Toot
     and each contributed much in his own way.
          Rev. Richard Wallarab, 1967-1974
          Rev. George Kurtz III, 1976-1980
          Rev. Robert Zanicky, 1981-1984
Rev. John L. Tipton, 1996-2000